Mining for Fool’s Gold on Social Media

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH: Megan Kelly on her Fox News show last night shared a profound statement. “Don’t rely on your social media feeds for the real news!”
There’s so much garbage being shared on social media that has absolutely no truth behind it, and is strictly posted to get a buzz going. Keep your sanity intact. Skip over these social media feeds and hasty unverified posts claiming to reveal hidden, unreported news.
If there’s any truth in an outrageous newsfeed, it’ll be confirmed by multiple mainstream media outlets.
Whenever you read in an article, “the mainstream media won’t dare report this” – run the other way. Please, please don’t purport a story as true or worth sharing unless you have taken the time to check it out and verified it. There’s far too much trash blurring the truth surrounding this year’s election campaign without adding to the garbage pile and untruths.