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Here’s a mystery almost all of us can dig our teeth into, especially those born and bred in Small Southern Town, USA… Well, as those good-ol’-boys like to say, things get curiouser and curiouser, so pull up a chair and settle back for the type of old-fashioned whodunit that kept the Andy Griffin Show community spellbound for years. And while you’re at it, give ol’ T.M. Brown a well-deserved round of applause for giving the literary world a rousing mystery suitable for all audiences.

As we like to say in the South: “Well done, son!”
—Jedwin Smith, acclaimed author of Fatal Treasure and Our Brother’s Keeper

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SANCTUARY is an excellent mystery novel. It has all of the elements of an intriguing, page-turning mystery/suspense book. Good pacing, plot twists, description, and characters. We see the story through the eyes of a retired businessman and his wife as they leave Atlanta and move to the small south Georgia town of Shiloh. There they find that the tranquil life they yearned for is threatened in ways they never imagined. I don’t want to reveal too much of the story since readers will want to find out the resolution to the mystery all on their own. But I will tell you that anyone who enjoys reading suspense novels, in particular ones that take place in the South, will find Sanctuary an extremely good read. I recommend it.

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‘Time crept while I stirred and tossed in futile attempts to capture any semblance of actual sleep. Capitulation arrived shortly after four when I poured a cup of coffee and sat down in the living room…Okay Lord what are you trying to share with me?’ Theo Phillips, Main character Ch 20, pg. 169

When the author used the descriptor, ‘a couple of southern minutes’, I knew I was in for a treat as main characters Theo Phillips and his wife Liddy started retirement in their new hometown of Shiloh, Georgia.

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Pack your bags and get ready to take a trip back in time to small town America where you’ll meet Liddy and Theo Phillips, newcomers to Shiloh, Georgia. When this newly retired couple decided to make Shiloh there new home to get away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, they had no idea they would be stepping smack dab in the middle of a town shrouded in secrecy. As Theo digs deeper into the mysterious fire that destroyed the towns City Hall, for a newspaper article he is writing, he has no idea he has stoked the embers that will solve the case. You don’t want to miss this adventure.

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Mike does a wonderful job blending in the more religious aspects of the story without it taking over. I absolutely loved the characters and the small Southern town of Shiloh. Actually, I’d like to live there. It’s the type of small town that may be a little old-fashioned, but everyone looks out for one another. Theo and Liddy Phillips are the type of people you’d want to be friends with in real life. They’re a loving, loyal and compassionate couple who will do anything to help right a wrong, which is what happens in this book. The other characters of Shiloh are equally well-developed with many of them having their own interesting backstories. There are actually two mysteries in play here which wind-up being interconnected. They’re both intriguing, and while the outcome wasn’t a tremendous surprise, this didn’t lessen my enjoyment any. I did think the story moved a little slowly at times, but honestly, this is a minor complaint. Overall, Sanctuary is a pleasant read that I highly recommend to readers who enjoy cozy mysteries. I think it might be the first in a series, which I’d love, because I’m not ready to say goodbye to Theo, Liddy, and their new friends and neighbors.

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“God doesn’t always send us on easy, comfortable tasks.” T.M. Brown’s first novel is a promising start to a new series. Retired and newly arrived in Shiloh, Georgia, Theo and Liddy Phillips find themselves welcomed into a tight knit community. They also discover some local mysteries to solve, and this isn’t very popular with some of the city’s leaders. Sanctuary is a great first novel and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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(Thank you, Jedwin Smith, Lee Gimenez, Deborah Malone, Kim Barker (By Hook or By Book) and Linda Pifer for their extensive reviews.)

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