Saturday proved that Sanctuary has found a strong niche of interested readers. Southern Fiction mysteries about small, time-lost Georgia towns offer a retreat from the crazy world we live in today. Sanctuary offers readers a reassuring, cozy place to invest hours of reading pleasure. In Sparta, under the shadows of “Her Majesty” Hancock County’s beautifully restored VIctorian-era courthouse, razed by flames just three years ago, people scurried in and out of the small antique store aptly named Rooms-U-Love to get their signed copy of Sanctuary.

The voices of the patrons shared storeis about their time-lost town which echoed the town of Shiloh revealed inside the pages of Sanctuary. I took note of many colorful reminders of curious small-town characters and their related anecdotes.

When my wife and I pulled away from Sparta after a full day meeting and greeting new friends and admirers, I could not help but to smile all the way home.

Thank you Sparta and Hancock County. I look forward to returning this Summer for a community wide book club meeting to discuss Sanctuary and prep them on its sequel, Testament, due out this Fall.