When Ben Franklin wrote: Beware the “great famine when wolves eat wolves.” was Ol’ Ben prognosticating the current state of Washington? Did he predict how dominant “alpha males/females” would control how Washington operates?

They are the ones who bare their teeth as they snarl whenever new “alpha males/females” lay siege to their good ol’ boy rule of pro quid pro, compromise (publicly referred to as bipartisan cooperation). However, are these wily, crusty pack leaders losing control of the rank and file? All the howling and back-biting seems to say-so. In fact, these mangy alphas are now behaving more like rabid wolves stalking in the shadows to quell their insatiable hunger.

Wonder if Franklin would still agree the “shining light on the hill” remains the envy of the world? Just maybe our infighting has hampered our luminousness?

Have we “the people” long forgotten or possibly stopped believing that America sprung from the core belief that “government governs solely at the behest of the governed?”

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All the belly-aching and name-calling in the world will never solve our current political mess. Stirring up hate and divisiveness will not heal our country’s woes. Social media is meant to be social, not political. Express your views and opinions, but please stop snarling and howling at one another. Please seek to build a bridge with those who do not agree with you not a wall. We have more in common than we may want to believe.

Who could resist living in a neighborhood like this?

I wrote Sanctuary with the belief more can be accomplished by deference toward one another’s beliefs to build a coherent community focused on what is in the best interest of the whole, not any one person.

What do you think?